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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Download hi-res images and animations to elevate your next Zoom meeting. Basic Bytes. MacroView DMF. The information in this article applies to all participants in the Zoom session.


– Zoom setting auto connect to audio – zoom setting auto connect to audio:


Zoom is a communication platform that offers meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events services.

Additionally, you can export the data collected in an eDiscovery-ready format. In this article you will learn how to create a Zoom collection and find answers to common questions for this connector. Cloud recording enabled to collect in-meeting data. A Zoom user with the Owner role. An Admin user account in Onna. An existing Workspace in Onna. The Zoom connector enabled in Onna. For further information, contact support onna.

However, if you want to move it to a Workspace later on, you will need to contact our support team. On the Add new Zoom dialog, enter the collection details and then click Continue as…. Enter a name for your collection. A common naming convention for eDiscovery purposes is to name it after the company or individual. For example, Onna VS Acmecorp.

Select one of the available sync modes. This connector supports One-time sync , Auto-sync and archive , and Auto-sync. This behavior is the same as when you select Auto-sync and archive.

Optional Set the sync dates. If you would like to upgrade your account for archive collections please contact our customer success team. On the Add new Zoom: Configuration dialog, select what to sync and click Next.

On the Add new Zoom: Accounts dialog, add the users you want to collect data from using one of the options available, then click Next :. Add user accounts manually by entering their email addresses. Multiple addresses must be separated with a comma. If your collection is set to Auto-sync , you can also enable the option Sync newly created users.

When you enable it, their data is added to the collection when Onna syncs with Microsoft Teams. Your CSV file must have one email address per line. When you enable it, content from any newly created user is added to the collection.

On the Add new Zoom: Channels dialog, choose the channels that you want to collect for each of the selected users. When you enable it, data from newly created channels from the selected user is added to the collection.

Click Done to finish creating the collection. As data is collected, you will start seeing it in your Onna account. Learn how to search for your data in Onna. Learn how to export data from your collection. You can learn more by reading our documentation about sync modes. Onna can only collect chats within the last six months from the collection creation date. Yes, Onna keeps an audit log of all the files, documents, conversations, and other resources collected. You can learn more by reading our documentation about audit logs.

For instructions on how to create an export, we recommend reading our documentation about exports. If you perform an advanced export , you can also select what data you want to export.

The data Onna can export is:. The conversation type, which can either be a channel or a private conversation with two or more participants. There are many ways you can search for data in Onna. You can also enable searchable fields to get more relevant search results. To know more about which searchable fields are relevant for Zoom, contact our support team. Yes, Onna can track edits and deletions for Zoom chats.

Since conversations are grouped by day, edits and deletions appear on the day the edit and deletion occurred. All rate limits imposed by this connector come from Zoom.

Only one authorized connection can be active for each Zoom account. Creating more than one authorized connection for the same Zoom account will cause the previous authorization to become invalid. All Collections. Web Connectors. How to collect from Zoom Learn how to connect and collect from Zoom using Onna. Written by William Sears Updated over a week ago. Did this answer your question?


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