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Jun 03,  · The admin may need to assign a Zoom Phone license or calling plan. The number you dialed does not exist. Please try again later. The phone number you dialed does not exist or is invalid. Double check that the number you dialed is correct. If dialing an international number, make sure to include the country code, area code, and phone number. Jan 21,  · If a Zoom Room preferred device is unavailable, the following will show on the Zoom Rooms display: This room is not available: Please contact IT for assistance. The cause of the error will be listed in the Issues section of the error screen. If the No camera is detected error message is displayed at the bottom, ensure the Meeting Owl is selected as your Camera, . 22 rows · Error Code Suggestion; Failed to create a data connection with our server. 5: Please check your network connection or network configuration. Failed to send create meeting command to our server. Please check your network or HTTP request configuration. Wrong user password: Please check your password. Web login locked out after 6 failed attempts:

Common error codes and messages in Zoom App – Zoom Guide.

BA/B: Black model, the standard zoom lens supplied f Do not use the projector and the high-powered laser equipment in the same room. Big Master bdrm with two closets. Eat in kitchen. Wall to wall carpet in upstairs bdrms. Washer/Dryer room hk ups. Must be able to provide Apartment Insurance.


Zoom room error code 1019 – zoom room error code 1019:.


A new function websocket-join is added. Impact: recommended Other info: impacted code must be recompiled after patch installation shared-library patch libacl version The alternate place for the heap is better chosen to have the most potential for growth, and bugs have been fixed whereby the search algorithm was failing on macOS. Impact: recommended express2 patch devel. The older license is expiring. The new license expires on It’s value is a plist where the set of allowed keys are those that can be passed to net.

Impact: recommended base patch sock When the option is unsupported, an error will be signaled. Impact: recommended base patch pma This problem may have cropped back up with earlier patches for thread safetey on GTK. This patch is very safe. Apparently one thing that can trigger this is using Remote Desktop to connect to a machine that’s already running the IDE.

Possibly this is more likely when windows have been created in multiple process. This is a very safe change. The impact of this overwriting is to render the changing of clos class not update that class if it has constructors on it. Impact: recommended base patch cl-honeycomb. This patch closes the window. On bit Linux, an internal change for AllegroGraph. Impact: recommended base patch constructor In practice, this is not an issue in non-smp lisps, but in smp lisps it creates a race condition that could cause trouble when two lisp threads try to finalize the same class around the same time.

This patch fixes virtually all of those race conditions there are only a couple of situations which are unlikely and whose race conditions cannot be fixed.

Impact: recommended Other info: There is a new argument to excl::simple-open, which may be used by developers of new simple-streams. Since it is an unexported function, direct calling of simple-open is not supported, although the change will be documented in The original behavior was unreliable.

The new behavior is predictable and reliable, and is fully described in a documentation update. This patch fixes that and results in no more output implying an error when the actual file can’t be found. Impact: recommended base patch aclissl. This deviation from the spec is silently ignored by many browsers but noted as an error by some.

Impact: recommended base patch ssl The new process does this by cycling through the set of legal file descriptors trying to close each one. The overhead is generally insignificant given the low frequency and heavy cost of the operation as a whole. Some performance analysis efforts, particularly those involving strace, are inconvenienced by a sequence or so system calls that are not actually doing anything.

To mitigate this problem we allow an application to place a limit on the number of invalid-fd error returns accepted on closes of sequential fds during this operation. If that number of close calls on sequentially increasing fds all return EBADF, the close loop terminates early, on the reasonable expectation that there are no more open fds.

This limit defaults to a number big enough that it does not come into effect,so that the normal behavior is to attempt to close all fds after the three standard ones.

The symptom is a type error, either trying to access a non-array, or a segv trying to access a random memory location. This patch completes the initializetion and fully implements aligned buffers in buffer-input streams. Impact: recommended update patch update. Impact: minor acache patch acache This patch corrects this problem and some other more subtle internal errors.

The patch adds a new keyword argument, lockmark, to sharable-lock-lock. This argument has the same function as the lockmark argument to process-lock. Use a version of probe-file that will silently treat a file as non-present if the syntax of the filename is illegal. Impact: recommended base patch startup The :end argument must be provided with such a buffer, but the octets are filled into the stream in a similar way from an arbitrary buffer referenced by an aligned-pointer a fixnum punning the entire lisp address space in multiples of natural words.

See the forthcoming documentation for details. Required patches: pma Documentation to follow this patch. Required patch: pma These quirks were mostly when the edit-start-trigger is :get-focus. And when it is, the new grid-widget property start-text-editing-on-grid-widget-focus determines whether text-editing is also started when the grid-widget itself or the application that it’s in gets the keyboard focus.

Documentation goes along with this patch, which describes new functions gf-discriminator, gf-discriminator-cache, gf-discriminator-type, gf-discriminator-value, plus new exports to older functions std-instance-slots and std-instance-wrapper, macro slot-value-using-class-name, and symbol fixed-index.

Date posted: Thu May 2 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fixes a bad behavior when the filesystem is full while trying to write intermediate strings files during the :purify step in generate-application, or when otherwise writing a.

The bad behavior was to loop infinitely while pringing part of an error message that had very little information in it. The corrected behavior is to print a better message once, and then to exit the lisp with non-zero status so that scripts can fail gracefully. Note: this keyword is ignored on Windows, where the output already goes into an emphemeral window. Export the function cancel-process-pool-work and cancel-process-pool-worker.

Make the name argument to make-process-pool optional. The lambda-list and the arglist of the method-function were not getting the properly-evaluated eql specializer. Other minor bugs are also fixed. Impact: recommended Other info: Any effect of this patch will only be seen after recompiling the affected code. This module has been deprecated and :pxml-sax should be used instead. Because of the package autoload, :pxml was used more than it should be, and with this patch it will require a choice to load the old and new modules.

We strongly recommend using :pxml-sax. Impact: minor compiler patch pmb Impact: recommended Other info: This is a performance enhanement only, anticipating further compiler enhancements that might use that hash-table more heavily and thus slow things down without this patch. Using a pool avoids the overhead of process creation in applications that need to start frequent transient operations in dedicated processes.

A gate wait is typically much more efficient than a general Lisp wait and involves fewer operating system and Lisp resources. This change should result in some performance improvements in applications with extensive lock contention. There are no user visible changes in application code. This causes attempts to write to pll-file contents to try to copy-on-write, although in theory there should be no reason to do so, since the pll file should be read-only.

The theory is that there may be a bug in virtualization which might cause the permissions on the file not to be properly denied, so this option is provided for experimentation. Impact: minor Other info: No behavior change will be seen unless a lisp with a.

ACLID freebsd The problem only appears when the package contains at least one hierachical-looking name and one that is not, and a prospective parent package is then created. The name is still perfectly good, and when function-name-p is called on this name and those like it, it will return true. Impact: minor Other info: This is primarily an ease-of-use update for Express macosx. Does not affect non-macosx users.

Impact: required profiler patch startup Adds a new function prof:show-outline-profile which presents a raw view of the profiler data and allows nodes to be identified by their sequence numbers. Adds a new tty source-level-stepper presentation style called “flip-book style”. Documentation is available for all new functionality.

Also included a fix for SMP profiling preventing to sample recursively. This will occur automatically if updating your installation via sys:update-allegro. The failure mechanism is more general, and has to do with a go form that is not recorded perhaps because it is in a bare lambda form throwing out to source which is being recorded. Handler-cases are the more common occurrence of this situation, but other similarly-complex macroexpansions may also result in similar failure modes.

This patch fixes that failure. The symbol need not be identical, as long as its name is the same. This fix allows internal functions with gensyms to carry source debug info usefully.

Impact: minor Other info: There is a slight chance that, when looking up source debug info, a name might match that was not intended to be matched, but we believe that this situation will be extremely rare if it occurs at all. This patch makes it use the old approach for icons that loads the version of the icon for the specified index.

Date posted: Tue Nov 27 PST Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fix a bug that might cause random SEGVs to be confused as stack overflows Impact: recommended Shared library info: Platform ACLID Intl.

Some arguments are deprecated, and some new functions are exported. Named profiles are supported, as well as a :profile keyword option to excl:print-function-meta-info and to disassemble.

Many hits that were thrown away are no longer thrown away, and are accounted for in the profile, making for a more accurate hit assessment of each function. Impact: recommended Other info: This is a large patch containing many files, but they MUST all be taken, or none at all. An error will occur if you attempt to use some, but not all of these patches, or if you do not update your lisp images via update. Ensure that multiple users of the same cookie-jar do not interfere with each other.

This function differs from parse-uri in that the query is not decoded. The knowledge of how to properly decode the query is outside the bounds of RFC The failure can only occur when these things occur at the same time: the thread is set for debug mode, a special runsys function called a “lisp-like” function is called, a gc occurs, and the argument-count saved slot has garbage in the slot which looks like a very large negative number on bit lisps this could possibly be a stack address – it’s not likely to happen on a bit lisp.

If all of these circumstances are met, the garbage-collector’s stack walker will be fooled into thinking that the function has a huge number of arguments, and will try to walk up the stack until it gets to unmapped memory usually resulting in a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS. This patch fixes the problem. The saved program counter value was sometimes reported incorrectly although it was correct on the stack, where the program itself used it – only the debugger was failing.

This patch combines string fragments so that user functions see the entire content of string elements as a single string. This patch closes that widow of opportunity.

Impact: recommended Other info: Affected code that uses with-process-lock must be recompiled for this window to be closed. See documentation. See documentation for details. This change fixes that bug. All intel-based architectures benefit from this optimization. Impact: minor Other info: Recompilation is necessary to see the benefits of this patch. Blowfish encryption remains the other option.

Also fix a bug where if a class was redefined and all that was changed were the accessors AllegroCache didn’t persist this changed class definition.

Impact: recommended allegrocache patch aes. If this new argument is non-nil and the function argument is a symbol, then instead of macroexpanding typep x ‘type to funcall predicate x the transform is to predicate x. This allows predicate to be re-expanded if it has a compiler-macro associated with it and thus possibly be inlined.

Impact: minor shared-library patch libacl version As a side-effect, all internal functions for any specified instrumented-function will also be instrumented.

Impact: minor Other info: New documentation for with-coverage is forthcoming, where the output is slightly different and the instrumentations will purposely include all internal functions.

Impact: recommended Other info: Minor impact if upgrading from the. This patch reduces the number of discarded hits to only a few. Impact: recommended Other info: Very useful for debugging. Date posted: Thu Jun 21 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Add process id to gsgc error messages. Impact: recommended eli patch Doc0.

These patches fix one aspect of the problem, which is a caching of runsys functions into frame-descriptors whenever the debugger-api is used. Impact: recommended Other info: All three full-fasl patches are independent, so proper operation does not require all to be loaded into the lisp at the same time. However, at least all three patches must be loaded in order for this change to affect startup times and virtual memory usage. This patch fixes one aspect of the problem, which is a caching of runsys functions into a hash-table during a full zoom output.

Impact: recommended Other info: This patch will likely be insufficent by itself to fix slow startup times. The patches listed in the prior entry are also needed. Impact: recommended shared-library patch aclit3 version Date posted: Wed Apr 25 PDT Patch names: aclit3 version , libacl , libaclit3 Description: There is no change in this patch.

It was simply easier to build a new version of the Express shared libraries than try to back out to the prior version. We anticipate releasing a new, functional, patch that fixes the issue in the near future. Until recently it apparently was triggered only rarely, but it is now triggered easily on Ubuntu version These cases include listing patches in the patch dialog, loading a file from the Recent menu, and using the new feature to jump to a compiler warning on an incremental compile.

If specified it must be the length of the prefix argument to be considered in the test against the string argument. The consequences are undefined if the length argument is not a fixnum or is larger than the prefix argument. Impact: recommended Other info: Since compiler macros and macros are involved, code using prefixp must be recompiled in order for the extra argument to be recognized in the code. That said, this patch will work as before with un-recompiled old code.

If both arguments are explicitly declared as simple-strings, a faster simple-string versison of prefixp is used. If the first argument is a manifset string constant, and the second is also explicitly declared simple-string, then the unrolling is done on little-endian bit lisps.

Date posted: Fri Mar 30 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: If a very-recently-allocated cons cell held a pointer to an old object that gets moved as a result of the compaction associated with resize-areas, the pointer in the cons cell would not get updated to point to the object’s new location. A buggy optimization in Impact: recommended base patch xref Also fixes several relations that were not being properly established.

Impact: medium Other info: cross-reference facilities will be more storage intensive, and may show slightly different results than before. Date posted: Tue Mar 6 PST Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: When the lisp heap has to be relocated on starting from a dumped lisp image, some statically-allocated objects were not being properly adjusted, and could cause a fatal error later.

This was primarily a problem on Windows systems running a Common Graphics application. Also, a bug is fixed where specifying nil to all of :expand, :pack-heap, and :sift-old-areas options would result in no change to the heap at all i. Any thread trying to use that damaged hash-table would get hung in an endless wait. This fix adds recovery code to handle the problem. The hash-table is now left in a state that allows the rehash to be completed by the next thread that tries to use it.

Date posted: Tue Feb 13 PST Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fixes a bug in stack-overflow detection when the starting thread is not the main thread, most commonly occurring in a lisp-as-a-shared-library situation.

In addition, a short window during thread switch was not protected from profiler hits, which could result in segv errors when profiling non-smp, non-windows applications with many thread switches. This patch fixes the naming issue, and makes no other changes to the prior version of this patch. Values can be :sync the default on non-linux systems or :async the default on linux systems, or :none, no syncronization: see warning below. When a finish-output is done, this value is used to deterimine what kind of msync is done.

This option is likely only useful for Linux on Intel hardware 32 and bit x86oid , because their memory syncing seems so inefficient. If updates need to be guaranteed to be available if a system crashes right after the close or finish-output on a mapped file, then a :sync value for the :sync option should always be used. Also note that using :none as the value of the :sync option could be dangerous if the system you’re on does not perform aggressive synchronization: you could end up with data integrity issues.

With this change we support force-output of a prepend-stream so that data sent through this stream can be sent to the client immediately. Impact: recommended zlib patch inflate. This patch avoids this issue. Other filling functions do not have this bug. This patch avoids the failure and allows jlinker to start correctly. This bug only seems to be triggered on bit Windows For example a ” Conflict” response is now bound to net.

With the patch, the correct arguments are passed. The Aserve client now arranges to not generate multiple connection headers on its own. This is now fixed. This patch has since been found to interact badly with our Common Graphics code. We are removing this fix until we can perform further analysis and provide a fix with more higher confidence. Date posted: Tue Sep 12 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: The real-time profiler would only work once in any lisp execution.

One thread holding a lock was not getting any CPU cycles to finish its operation and release the lock because all the other threads were spinning. See day-difference.

One possible symptom triggered by this race was the error “Bad file descriptor” in situations where streams were opened and closed actively in several threads. Date posted: Wed Aug 30 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fixes a previous shared-library patch that didn’t quite remove all segmentation violations from the lisp while profiling.

If the user were to switch from host mode to Emacs mode, this was not happening. This patch corrects that bug. Impact: minor shared-library patch acl version Date posted: Fri Aug 11 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fixes a bug when the profiler is invoked with :interpret-closures t, where the code does not adequately protect itself against bad addresses that purport to be in places where closure are found.

This provided an opportunity for conservative garbage collection to preserve logically dead objects. Impact: recommended Other info: Recompile the functions after installing this patch to correct their behavior.

Impact: recommended jlinker patch main This happened occasionally when the high bit or the 32nd bit happened to be set in the handle of the menu object. Date posted: Fri Jul 7 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: A recent patch introduced the possibility of a gc failure if a scavenge occurred while an unbound function call was being handled.

This patch fixes that problem. Illegal bit patterns trigger warnings or errors. See the documentation for details. This causes profiler output to incorrectly call out heap functions that have nothing to do with the apparent callers.

This patch removes all of those clashes. Impact: recommended Other info: Recompilation of affected code is necessary, after patch is installed.

This patch improves the output. Date posted: Thu Jul 6 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Garbage collector was doing a conservative scan of stack slots associated with arguments not actually present.

This patch restricts the scan when possible to actual argument slots. Fixes a profiler bug for which a profiler hits a linking function one which fills in a link from its stack frame to the next stack frame that hasn’t yet had a chance to finish the entry sequence, leaving the stack unfinished.

Profiler stack-walking tools, which in See aserve. Date posted: Fri Jun 9 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: The garbage collector now skips over a dead stack slot that was being scanned conservatively. This will reduce the number of dead heap objects unnecessarily kept alive through a garbage collection.

Date posted: Thu May 18 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Running the time profiler could corrupt the interpreter state, causing segv or gc failure.

Impact: minor base patch aserve Impact: minor Other info: Only affects windows. The aserve. This caused CG to miscalculate a window’s frame size in some cases. Impact: cosmetic base patch sock It returns a list of IP addresses that denote the running host machine on one or more interfaces. Each address is an integer IPv4 address or an IPv6 address structure.

Date posted: Mon Apr 17 PDT Patch names: acl version , acli , libacl , libacli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis , libacl , libacli , acl , acli , libacls , libaclis , acls , aclis Description: Fixes a bug in the profiler in many architectures which caused memory errors when functions were fwrapped or traced. These function specs are not usually useful to users, but in the cases where Franz developers must debug on-site, correct function-spec handling may be required.

The correct behavior is that nil is treated as an empty string i. The behavior was correct when the final string was characters or less. With this patch the behavior is now correct for longer strings. See the :authenticate and :rsa-keys argumments to start-server and the :secure argument to open-network-database. Patch names:. Windows: mark zlib1. Fixes a problem on SMP platforms where if a thread encounters a GC while taking a hit, profiler hits stop completely on that thread, thus rendering the profile data skewed.

ACLID freebsd. Allows a specification to mplog that will only log profiler events. Fixes a compatibility issue with the.

The recent separation of executable code vectors from other types of lisp data created the possibility for a new data configuration in new space during a scavenge, a configuration that part of the scavenger was not correctly adjusted to deal with. Fixes a race condition when stopping a profile run, where a latent profiler hit may cause the a deadlock. Patch name:. Add open-websocket arguments that manage the behavior when a connection fails during the initial handshake.

A function-input-stream can be the value of the content argument of do-http-request. Fixes a couple of bugs in the garbage-collector handling of code-vector-only CVO areas, which may get garbled if the heap is forced to relocate upon startup, or if sys:resize-areas is called under certain circumstances. Ensure the OpenSSL 3 shared library is included with Linux app delivery, even if it wasn’t used to build the application.

Speeds up sort for most uses and adds and documents a strategy option to sort, as well as a global variable to control the vector sorting strategy.

Switch update. Properly fold long lines in net. Fixes a bug in sys:function-information where global inline declarations are not being properly shadowed by a local notinline declaration.

Fixes an SMP hazard where functions with internal functions e. Revert the previous ‘make global GC’s faster for closed old areas’ patch. Add object tracking facility. Make global GC’s faster for closed old areas.

Fixes a bug in the previous version of this patch in which an ‘open’ call with :if-exists nil and :if-does-not-exist either :create or unspecified will return nil if the file does not exist. Enhances the ACL shared-library so that a failure to map memory at acceptable locations will cause a file called ‘memdump’ to the current directory to be written with information about what was being attempted and the current map of memory for the process as is seen at the time of the mapping failure.

Fixes count and count-if when a list is given and :from-end is specified as non-nil. Fixes an attempt to make the lowest level change-class operation thread-safe on SMP lisps which had the opposite effect: a very rare segmentation violation. Fixes a bug in the fill-pointer inverse function which accepts bogus new values for the fill-pointer. Support for ssl. Remove SMP race hazard in update-constructor-function. Add support for OpenSSL 3. Modify memtrace macro to require previous use of memtrace-def macro to make behavior consistent between compiled files and interactive top-level.

Better fix for obscure bug with ident spec ‘ like defmethod. The previous version of the macro ignore-conditions was generating nonsense code that for better or worse was benign at run time and silent at compile time. Fix the automatic upgrade when opening a database with :verify :full.

Avoid call to process-interrupt with nil argument. Increase the maximum size of a header read by AllegroServe from 8k characters to 16k characters. Fix the bundle update process on bit Express macOS only. AllegroServe 1. In a previous patch, hashbang processing was expanded to work on all platforms.

The previous version of this external-format would allocate a new closure for each invocation. When any entries are made to a message queue from a thread other than the receiver thread, the later is often waiting for input on the connection; the output request was often not seen until a timeout.

Delay Lisp interrupts during some low-level SSL operations to avoid corrupting data when a timeout ends the higher level call abruptly. This patch revises the multi-thread behavior of websockets to implement more reliable support of SSL connections. On the arm64 architecture, fixes a compiler bug whereby a tail-funcall from a function which allocates more than 4k of stack space kills the lisp due to multiple use of the same temporary register.

Make sure update. Have update. A reissue of the license for Allegro CL Express users. Improve efficiency of long messages; add the :ssl-args keyword argument to net. If a file with the same name as the ACL shared library is in the CWD of the process building an application, with generate-application, then this change ensures the one in sys: is copied and not the one in the CWD.

If an automatic backtrace-on-error had been requested, and the error was triggered by a storage-condition, include the output of room t in the printout. Define socket-fd over the hiper sockets that AllegroServe uses. Fixes a bug caused by previous versions of this patch which caused an open specification of :if-exists :rename or :if-exists :rename-and-delete to error if the file does not exist.

Define with-restored-context even if honeycomb code not used. Fix adding attributes; include dataset in serialized context. Fix excl:console-control’s :tray-exit keyword on bit Windows. ACLID windows. The IDE on Windows could freeze when the system colors have changed.

Fix call-with-span return value; ensure post-process is started. Fixes a bug in the previous version of the patch so as to not overwrite some make-instance constructor functionalities after that patch has been loaded.

Changes an “optimized” version of aref so that it doesn’t box the unboxed value that it has stored – this affects setf aref for floats and unboxed integers, and in particular it allows fill to run cons-free. Fix problem with constructor. Fixes a bug in mop:finalize-inheritance where mop:class-finalized-p on the class returns true before the class is completely finalized.

Rewrites open and also make-instance of stream classes to fix open calls to be safe. There is a new argument to excl::simple-open, which may be used by developers of new simple-streams. Changes the error message for a call to ‘mkstemp’ with an invalidly formatted base string it must have XXXXXX as its final characters.

SRV DNS queries are now handled and dns-response-answer can be used to extract the SRV record data from the dns-response object: let ans socket:dns-response-answer socket:dns-query “srv.

The function sharable-lock-idle-p was exported but never documented. For some Linux libc libraries, the ‘vdso’ virtual dynamic-shared-object library has a real name and was thus treated as if it were a real library file though it is only virtual. Update :ssl module shared libaries for macOS. Fix net. The ACL websocket server was in some cases replying to a client close message with the reserved code Calling save-pixmap on Windows would fail in a case-insensitive ANSI lisp unless either the file type is “bmp” or the file type is uppercase in the specified file to save.

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