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Zoom accounts are based on the type of plan and products you have selected. You can find out what type of account you have on your account profile page. If you. Zoom does not allow users to own two or more meetings that occur at the same time. This situation might occur when a user schedules multiple. You can return to your Zoom account webpage at any time in the future by returning to () and Zoom will use your PMI for your instant.


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Values larger than 1. Values smaller than 1. Not part of any standard. This property originated in Internet Explorer. Intune prompts for the user’s app PIN when the user is about to access “corporate” data.

The IT admin can define the Intune app protection policy setting ‘Recheck the access requirements after minutes ‘ in the Intune admin console. This setting specifies the amount of time before the access requirements are checked on the device, and the application PIN screen is shown again.

However, important details about PIN that affect how often the user will be prompted are:. The user is focused on app A foreground , and app B is minimized. After the Recheck the access requirements after minutes value is met and the user switches to app B , the PIN would be required. In order to verify the user’s access requirements more often i. PIN prompt , especially for a frequently used app, it is recommended to reduce the value of the ‘Recheck the access requirements after minutes ‘ setting.

The Intune PIN works based on an inactivity-based timer the value of ‘Recheck the access requirements after minutes ‘. The PIN serves to allow only the correct user to access their organization’s data in the app.

Therefore, an end user must sign in with their work or school account before they can set or reset their Intune app PIN. From a security perspective, the best way to protect work or school data is to encrypt it. Encryption is not related to the app PIN but is its own app protection policy. As part of the app PIN policy, the IT administrator can set the maximum number of times a user can try to authenticate their PIN before locking the app.

After the number of attempts has been met, the Intune App SDK can wipe the “corporate” data in the app. Without this, the passcode settings are not properly enforced for the targeted applications.

That being said, the two PINs for each app are not related in any way i. Please see the note below for an example. For example, if app A is built with a version prior to 7. If an app C that has SDK version 7. An app D built with 7. The same applies to if only apps B and D are installed on a device.

IT administrators can deploy an app protection policy that requires app data to be encrypted. As part of the policy, the IT administrator can also specify when the content is encrypted. Only data marked as “corporate” is encrypted according to the IT administrator’s app protection policy. Data is considered “corporate” when it originates from a business location. For line-of-business apps managed by the Intune App Wrapping Tool, all app data is considered “corporate.

For more information about remote wipe for MDM, see Remove devices by using wipe or retire. For more information about selective wipe using MAM, see the Retire action and How to wipe only corporate data from apps. Wipe removes all user data and settings from the device by restoring the device to its factory default settings. The device is removed from Intune. See Remove devices – retire to read about removing company data.

Selective wipe for MAM simply removes company app data from an app. Read more on Lifehacker and YourStory. Google awarded us the Champion Innovator title recognizing our technical skill and expertise.

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