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– The Best Pranks to Play on Zoom

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Go for a full hour straight to ensure that everyone absolutely hates you. Thus, it is essential to keep certain codes and ethics in mind before planning and pulling off any Zoom pranks, no matter how entertaining or funny. Thus, there are lesser ego clashes and better teamwork, which is good for the organization. While one has to consider the fact that these Zoom pranks should not be offensive, these tiny bits of humor should be a part of organizational meetings to ensure that employees are still connected during remote work. Also, prankers sometimes create a special sound racks, that contain separate phrases from a person – this way they can communicate by pressing buttons connected to appropriate phrases.


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The pandemic has made video conferencing a part of our everyday communication. There are plenty of video conferencing platforms to choose from, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and more. Tap or click here to see which one is right for your needs.

According to the Bufferi. To use Bufferi. But there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun with the software unless it’ll get you fired, in which case: no fun. Theoretically, the sky is the limit here: the only thing stopping you from reaching a new plane of pranking existence is yourself. To get you started, however, here are some simple ways to mess with your chat buddies.

Assuming that you own a new enough computer or a green screen , Zoom will let you use a “custom background” that superimposes you into new, fun locales. You could choose a tropical island, outer space, or any other image you upload. In addition to still backgrounds, Zoom will let you use video files, too, and users are already getting high-concept with it.

However, if you really want to elevate things, there’s a way to get out of meetings or classes in which you don’t actively participate. Just record some footage of yourself sitting at your computer silently, set it as your background, and step out of frame. Like the scheme from “Speed,” only without the possibility of exploding. Alternatively, you can make your background a screenshot of someone else on the call and then step out of frame.

Nobody will be able to tell who the impostor is, and one of you will get killed in an action-movie evil-twin standoff scenario. Brian Feldman. Zoom’s text-chat interface is functional, but not exactly intuitive. Messages meant for everyone and for individuals are easy to get confused, or you might forget which user s the chat is set for. Because of this, it would be very funny to send someone a message such as: “Hey, so, we’re doing the surprise party at 7,” and then follow-up with, “Oops, sorry wrong window.

This is simply a good gag. Unmute yourself, but then mouth words without making any noise. Everyone will start yelling at you — “you’re muted! The most expensive tier gets you meetings with up to 1, participants, but there are cheaper options. Perhaps the only downside is that Zoom has had privacy issues in the past, which may put some businesses off.

You just need a valid email address, and the willingness to accept Zoom’s privacy policy and terms — which are fairly standard. You can find the Zoom sign-up page here: Zoom. We pay for your stories! Email us at tech the-sun. Wear the hat and sit during the meeting normally, and let participants point out and wonder if you have probably left a filter on by accident. Watching them struggle to come up with ways to rid you of the filter is going to be five fun minutes. Do you or any of your employees have a pet at home?

This is the one for them. All the person has to do is log in and put the pet in front of them so that the limbs are not visible. This one is sneaky. This is one of those Zoom pranks wherein you can pretend to be absent and maybe get to hear a random conversation or comment about you. But those few minutes of hassle would be worth it. They will be shouting instructions to bring you back, as you are just cracking a Zoom prank. In the middle of the meeting, pretend to freeze. Alternatively, freeze mid-sentence.

Ensure that no one walks through the door, or else your farce would be over before you started. Continue this for a few minutes before disclosing that this was, indeed, just a Zoom play. This will require a bunch of employees and not just one person.

Prepare a list of random words and ask people to include them in their sentences while they converse during the meeting. Ensure that there are 4 to 5 people in on this prank, while the remaining few are clueless. The key is not to react when the words drop-in. The unknowing colleagues would be clueless, trying to understand and make sense of the speech.

This word squeeze will surely be one of the funniest Zoom pranks.


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Mar 24,  · Popular chat app Zoom is best-known for offering video calls – including with huge numbers of people. There’s a free tier with unlimited meetings, but these group chats are capped at 40 minutes. The most expensive tier gets you meetings with up to 1, participants, but there are cheaper options. Perhaps the only downside is that Zoom has. And I don’t actually know if the key is working in the zoom window. I suspect it isn’t. The PTT button seems to only work when you have the zoom window up. You minimize zoom to bring up another window while you’re talking, and the PTT button stops working. May 02,  · Listen to my new song! Learn to Meow I thought it would be super fun to try some funny pranks for online class! What other Author: Wengie.

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