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– Can you be in 2 zoom meetings at once – none:

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Putting your best foot forward No one forces you to enable video during your Zoom meetings. You can always join via audio only (see “Joining a meeting using. However, you can only host one meeting at a time. To join multiple meetings, go to and enter the ID of the meeting that you wish to join. Repeat this process as necessary. To use this feature, you will need to activate the Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop option in your Zoom account. Once the.

Can you be in 2 zoom meetings at once – none: –

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Aug 19,  · Concurrent means the same user hosting more than one meeting at the same time. Every user on your account can host their own meeting at the same time, but none of them can have two or more active meetings assigned to the same user at the same time unless they have the add-on license for concurrent meetings. If this has answered your question, please . Jul 21,  · You can join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously so long as you are not hosting more than one. Use this option carefully, making sure to pay attention to when you are muted and unmuted in each meeting. Oct 01,  · Created by Brian Munger, last modified on Oct 01, It is possible to join multiple meetings simultaneously from the Zoom client if there is a specific reason to do so. This feature allows participants to participate in or monitor multiple meetings at the same time.


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