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An Authorization Grant is the authorization assigned to the Client by the resource owner. The grant type refers to the method the Client uses to request authorization. The usage of this grant type is described in detail in the OAuth with Zoom guide.

The following steps provide an overview of the Authorization Code grant flow:. Example Node. The Client Credentials grant is used to get an access token for APIs that require only a service’s permission.

This grant does not require a user’s permission. To use Client Credentials grant type, perform the following steps:. JWTs contain a signed payload that helps establish server-to-server authentication. If only you or your Zoom account users will use your app, it is recommended that you use JWT authentication. The complete URL varies depending on the accessed resource.

You do not need scopes for JWT apps. Your JWT app will only have access to your Zoom account’s information. You can also use the me keyword instead of the userId value. To get information about a user with a user-level OAuth app, the app must have the user:read scope. While the URL for the request is the same, the behavior of userId value is different from an account-level apps. Instead of providing a user’s userId or email address, you must use the me keyword as the value of the userId path parameter.

Otherwise, your app will receive an invalid token error. Server-to-Server OAuth apps also use scopes. You wouldn’t use the me keyword with this app type; you must provide a userId or email address. See Server-to-Server authentication for details. You can use the me keyword in place of the userId keyword in any supported API call. When you use the me keyword, the API call uses the authenticated user’s access token.

Some users may have permissions to access create, read, update, or delete information associated with other users on Zoom accounts. For example, the Schedule Privilege enables users to assign other users on their account to schedule meetings on their behalf. A user that has been granted this privilege has access to schedule meetings for the other user.

A user may also have a role that grants them access to other user information. With shared access permissions, a user can choose whether your app can access the following information:. Item 2 refers to when a user authorizes your app to use their “shared access permissions” after they add or manage your app on their account. In the example above, the user can choose to share access permissions to schedule meetings for another user’s account with your app.

See Allowing Apps access to shared access permissions for details on the end user experience. Your app does not need to do anything different for this access. Zoom handles this via the Authorization server. The users that added your app can continue using your app to access their associated information without the need to take any action. If successful, the response body will be a JSON representation of your user’s refreshed access token:.

Refresh tokens expire after 15 years. The latest refresh token must always be used for the next refresh request. When directing a user to authorize your app, attach a state query parameter to the add link. This is a quick way to use user-specific endpoints instead of needing to lookup or store the user ID for each token.

Account-level OAuth apps can also be Chatbot apps, just as Chatbot apps can be account-level OAuth apps; however, OAuth apps and Chatbots have a different authentication flows. Combining OAuth and Chatbot functionality into one app will require you to implement two authorization flows for both OAuth and Chatbot tokens. Notice the code returned in the redirect URL.

Refreshing a Chatbot token is the same process as requesting a Chatbot token. If you’re looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans. Follow the steps below to request access. The supported authorization workflow requires the value code. The authorization server includes this value when redirecting the user-agent back to the your app. Defaults to “plain” if not present in the request.

Code verifier transformation method is “S” or “plain”. Host : zoom. Need help? Access response type being requested. URI to handle successful user authorization. Optional An opaque value that you can use to maintain state between the request and callback.



Zoom participant api not returning participant emails – API and Webhooks – Zoom Developer Forum – Common Parameters


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You can download the API collection at the following using the Download button:. Log in to your Postman account, then select the workspace that you want to import the API collection to. Click Import in the accdss corner of your workspace. The Import window will appear. Select the File tab, then select the API collection you downloaded to upload. Ti Continue. A window displaying the API file information will appear.

Click Import to import the API collection. This step may take a little while. For testing, it is recommended that you set the JWT expiration узнать больше здесь a longer period of time, such as one week. This will reduce the frequency at which you will need to update your credentials qccess Postman.

In a production implementation, it is recommended to set the exp value to a short period of time, such 60 seconds. Any apps created for third-party use must use OAuth 2. If you’re looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support /25339.txt how to access zoom api – none: available with Premier How to access zoom api – none: Support plans. JWT expiration values For testing, it is recommended that you set the JWT expiration to zook longer period of time, such as one week.

Troubleshooting If you receive errors during testing, check the Headers tab for the Content-Type Key value in Postman. When you test a Читать больше API, make certain to select only the parameters that you want to send.

Sending an unexpected default parameter can result in a failed API call. Need apo

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